Pack 4: KAJET 'ON COMMUNITIES' + 2 Postcards + Totebag (EU shipping included)

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Pack 4: KAJET 'ON COMMUNITIES' + 2 Postcards + Totebag (EU shipping included)


This pack includes:

ϟ  1st issue of KAJET 'ON COMMUNITIES'

ϟ  2 x Eastern European-themed postcards

ϟ  KAJET-themed totebag

ϟ  EU shipping (for Romanian orders, insert the following discount code at the checkout: KJT9)

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Short handle shopper by Kimood in 130g cotton

One Size 36x42x1 cm

Capacity 13 liters

Illustration for KAJET Journal by gravedwellerillustration



Edited by Petrică Mogoș, Laura Naum

Design by Alice Stoicescu

Publisher: Kajet, a journal of Eastern European encounters

Language: English

Pages: 240 pages

Size: 16,5 x 23 x (2) cm

Weight: 600g

ISSN: 2559 - 8015

Printed atFabrik, Bucharest, Romania


Developed, designed, and printed in Bucharest, Romania, KAJET seeks to be more than just a mere signal from the periphery and to move beyond a purely understanding of Eastern Europe. Concentrating the scope of interest onto the past, present, and future of communities inside Eastern Europe, you can find what lies at the heart of our first issue: a rejuvenation of the contemporary imaginations of what the notion of community used to mean, currently means, and will continue to mean.

How are Eastern European communities bringing themselves together during the unsettled times of our own contemporaneity? What makes the people from this geographical region truly Eastern European? How have Eastern European communities managed to survive the unsettled times provoked by war, turmoil, social unrest, and exodus toward the more prosperous West? How do Eastern Europeans tackle the issue of constantly being outsiders? Or, what (and how) do Eastern Europeans love? How do Eastern Europeans respond to their cities crumbling and shrinking?


18 essays accompanied by 18 visual projects created by 40 writers and artists and structured into 5 main chapters:

0) Prolegomenon

  • Petrică Mogoș // Nous Sommes Des Barbares! (Type design / Bogdan Dumitrache)

I) Being & Easternness

  • Bojana Janković & Dana Olărescu // Eastern Europeans for Dummies
  • Jürgen Rendl // 990 Kilometers of Travelling like a Rabbit (Artwork / Alina Marinescu)
  • Zsuzsa Nagy-Sándor // From Villages to the Big Stage: the Path of Hungarian Folk Singing (Artwork / Ana-Maria Dudu)
  • Will Gresson // Europe Endless (Artwork / Mehmet Sıddık Özmen) 
  • Anna Grozavu // Ukr Nostalgia

II) Rituals of Resistance

  • Laura Naum // Speaking Scars (Artwork / Maria Bacila)
  • Violeta Lungeanu // The Land of Green Plums: Circuits of Memory inside Ethnic Groups (Photography / Kilian Müller)
  • Hanna Stein // “We are not Cineplex. We can wait.” Memory and Self-Perception of an Amateur Community—Kino Klub Zagreb and the Amateur Film Movement in Yugoslavia
  • Eglė Ambrasaitė // “We Can, So We Must!” In Search of Post-Hegemony in Žeimiai (Artwork / Antonia Corduneanu)
  • Venesa Mušović // An Ethnography of Displacement: Romanian Rituals in the Serbian Village Grebenac

III) Poor, but Sexy

  • Petrică Mogoș // Hedonistic Bricoleurs & Transgressive Slackers: The epistemics of (im)perfection, or a brief deconstruction of the Romanian lumpenproletariat (Artwork / Volodea Biri)
  • Lia Boșcu // Outsiders of Eastern Europe
  • Alina Lupu // Iris and Lola—an inventory of fuck (Artwork / Sasha Staicu)
  • Casper Fitzhue // Loving in any other language but yours (Artwork / Tristan)
  • Elke Krasny interviewed by Natalia Yeromenko // Labour of Love

IV) Visions of Space

  • George Jepson // A New Belgradian: the bio-politics of Novi Beograd (Artwork / Anna Grozavu)
  • Elena Amabili & Alessandro Calvaresi // Soviet Innerness
  • Olivia Berkowicz // “When a Game is Just a Game It’s No Fun.” A Study of Play and Space in Andrzej Wajda’s film Innocent Sorcerers
  • Nada Maleš // Dalmatinka

V) Erecting Walls vs. Crossing Bridges

  • Megan Lueneburg // Family Formations
  • Voica Puşcaşiu // Perverted Use of Street Art: the Racial Politics of Romanian Walls (Artwork / Cristi Iacob)
  • Stelian Dobrescu // Communities are in the bushes (Artwork / Loot)
  • Kateryna Filyuk // Social Contract: how Ukrainian society comes to terms with its dubious past (Artwork / Ana-Maria Dudu)


KAJET Postcards

Printed on recycled paper

Size: 9x6cm

Printed at Fabrik, Bucharest